Dr Alan Chan HJ visits Bond University

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alan-and-raoulPictured: Dr Alan Chan HJ (left) and Professor Raoul Mortley (right)

Dr Alan Chan HJ arrived on the Gold Coast, Australia, last week where Bond University prepared a series of events to acknowledge the immense contribution and support made to the university, particularly the Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies (CEWCES).

Among the celebrations was a recognition luncheon hosted by the Vice-Chancellor of Bond University, Professor Tim Brailsford. The Chancellor, Dr Annabelle Bennett, and the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Society and Design, Professor Raoul Mortley, were also present to share their appreciations.

During the luncheon the Vice-Chancellor shared with the esteemed guests a short summary of Dr Chan’s efficacious life and career. Highlights include 40 years as a power house in the shipping business. After his exit in 2007, Dr Chan devoted his energies to the study of Confucian ethics. He published a number of books in the area, as well as the dissemination of knowledge among Centres, particularly CEWCES.

Through Dr Chan’s efforts and encouragement, Bond University has developed various collaborations and joint research with China Foreign Affairs University and Beijing Foreign Studies University. Dr Chan attends and contributes to the conferences held jointly between them. The financial assistance provided has allowed staff and doctoral students to participate in exchanges among institutions, as well as foster research by academics which has resulted in a highly regarded new book release “The Politics and Philosophy of Chinese Power” by Dr R. James Ferguson and Dr Rosita Dellios. The Confucian Weekly Bulletin is another result of his support.

During Dr Chan’s stay he was also involved in an interview with Professor Raoul Mortley, as added means to transmit Confucian doctrines to the West. Topics examined include Confucian Diplomacy, Confucianism and the Environment and Confucianism and its applicability to all cultures. To view an extract please click here.

Not only is Dr Chan an Honorary Fellow of the Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies at Bond University, but also an active thinker and contributor to a wealth of Confucian knowledge and expertise in various countries, including China. It is always a pleasure for Bond University to welcome Dr Chan back on campus and to share the fruits of knowledge and understanding that have been cultivated as a result of his generosity.


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