Happy Lunar New Year – The Year of the Rooster

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With Chinese New Year on the horizon the world is preparing to celebrate alongside Chinese counterparts.

The Lunar New Year falls on January 28 and marks the Year of the Rooster in the Chinese calendar. It is a two week celebration where families unite and share in a feast of food, fireworks and gift exchanges. The holiday is considered the largest migration of people in the world, with Chinese authorities saying more than 350 million people would be travelling by train, and 60 million by flights to see their loved ones.

Expect to witness an array of red clothing, dragon dancing and fresh haircuts in the lead up; all traditions that go back hundreds of years. Each day has its own celebration. While on day two it is traditional to visit friends and relatives, on day three people usually stay at home as it is considered auspicious to socialise. The final day, day 15, sees the Lantern Festival, where red Chinese lanterns are released into the sky.

Countries all around the world are joining in on the celebration. In Australia, the Sydney Opera House will bathe in red to welcome in the year of the rooster.


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