New Book release that helps us understand Chinese Power

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A new book about Chinese power has come at the right time as China becomes a global giant. R. James Ferguson and Rosita Dellios’s latest book, The Politics and Philosophy of Chinese Power: The Timeless and the Timely, is an erudite exploration of the politics, philosophy, and history of Chinese power.

This book provides a focus on the social, strategic, and diplomatic trends that have shaped China for over three thousand years. Key periods in Chinese history are explored, particularly where attitudes to power evolved and their current expressions. These include China’s expanded use of ‘think tanks’ to chart the future, efforts at creating an eco-civilization to balance growth, and an extended set of security and information capabilities.

International Confucian Association’s Reginald Little describes the book as “essential reading if one seeks to understand the forces transforming the 21st Century. The reader is left with a profound sense of a Confucian-Daoist tradition of thought culture. It is one which influences Chinese priorities in the human and natural world in unfamiliar ways, addressing global challenges.”

R. James Ferguson is the Director of Bond University’s Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies and Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Faculty of Society and Design. His teaching and research areas include East Asia, the Indo-Pacific Region, Eurasia, Latin America, as well as regionalism and globalization studies.

Rosita Dellios is the Associate Professor of International Relations at Bond University. Rosita lectures and writes on themes of Chinese defence policy and philosophy, concepts for world order and future trends in global politics.rosita

The Politics and Philosophy of Chinese Power: The Timeless and the Timely is published by Lexington Books. To read more about this book and to make a purchase please follow the link.



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