Full-time Confucius school opens in Beijing

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In an effort to reawaken Confucianism into modern Chinese culture and tradition, Confucian teachings have been incorporated into state education in China.

CCTV News reports that middle-class Chinese parents are increasingly sending their children to private schools that specialize in traditional Confucian teachings. Although there has been criticism for separating children from the nine-year compulsory state education, some parents prefer sinology schools for their moral focus.

Si Hai Confucius Academy is a full-time school where students receive systematic training in sinology: Chinese history, language and literature, and Confucian teachings. Instead of learning colloquial Chinese, the students read, recite and digest traditional Chinese books that emphasize benevolence, sincerity and other personal and social moralities.

In this full-time Confucius academy, students also learn archery, traditional musical instruments and other Confucian skills.


Parent Diao Shanqing is a firm supporter of this traditional way of education. He believes that children should learn to become good people first, while the skills and knowledge provided in common elementary schools can come later.

“The compulsory education system, no matter what its content or atmosphere, is much different from what we want,” he said.

In recent years, the government has made efforts to promote traditional culture. Last month, the Ministry of Education of China issued an updated outline for 2017 college entrance examinations, increasing the proportion of Chinese traditional culture in the Chinese exam. 

The complete news report can be found here.


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