New Book Release: The Happiness of Confucius

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Dr. Xiduo Cao’s new book release “The Happiness of Confucius” brings a new perspective to understanding Confucius as well as raises the questions: Was Confucius a happy person? How would we know? Why should we care?

Confucius was one of the earliest and greatest educationists and philosophers in Chinese history. He had a great influence on the culture, politics, history and ways of living and thinking in China. How can a person who lived more than 2500 years ago have such a deep influence and retain such high prestige in China and even in the world?

According to Dr. Xiduo Cao’s new book “The Happiness of Confucius”, one of the secrets of Confucius’ achievement and influence lies in the fact that he was a happy person.

For those of us who live in the 21th century, one of the most important lessons we can learn from Confucius is that of happiness. Specifically, there were six sources of Confucius’ happiness: learning, teaching, being a gentlemen, music, nature, and chasing the dream. Readers can learn about each source of the happiness of Confucius in great detail by reading this book.

Along with this, readers will see various pictures of lotus’ in this book, all of which are photographic works of Mrs. Min Chen, who is the author’s Mom as well as her earliest Chinese traditional culture tutor.

In Chinese, the word lotus has the same pronunciation with the word harmony, and thus has become a symbol of harmony. Harmony is a very essential concept in the theory of Confucianism. Confucius believed that true happiness comes from being harmonious with oneself, with the family, with the nation, as well as with the whole world.


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