Confucian values embedded in staff perks

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Chambroad Holding, a booming oil refining and petrochemical company in China,  believes so strongly that Confucian values are the key to success that its fantastic staff perks revolve around the deeply-held traditional Confucian concept of ‘filial piety’.

Parents of ordinary workers can enjoy a 200 Yuan ($30 AUD) payment in their bank accounts monthly and those whose children are in managerial positions receive payments of up to 10 percent of their child’s wage. Furthermore, manager parent’s also receive free apartments and access to elder care facilities in the Shandong province where the company is headquartered.

Chairman of the company, Ma Yusheng, has created a corporate culture heavily based around Confucian values, with a particular focus on respect for parents when he instituted the staff perks. It is deemed a success, with the company experiencing high growths of revenue in the past decade to 50 billion yuan ($7.51 billion AUD) in 2015.

chamboard 2

Ma Yusheng actively practices the Confucian way of setting a good example as a leader to his followers (employees), by imposing a non-drinking habit during weekdays on himself as alcohol is banned to staff during the week as a reflection of industry practices. He has admitted to penalizing himself 300,000 yuan ($45000 AUD) when he consumed spirits over a dinner with local government officials as per the Confucian quote “If you make a mistake and do not correct it, this is called a mistake.”

The company has even installed large sculptures of Confucius with his students near their headquarters to further encourage their employees to practice the philosophy.


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