Confucian education sent to Chinese villages

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Traditional values will be instilled and promoted to 107 poor villages in Shandong provinces this year as part of a new campaign by east China cultural authorities.

According to Xu Xhianhong, head of the provincial cultural department, the campaign aims to address a decline in moral and ethical values in the countryside, such as the refusal to care for elderly parents.

The campaign will comprise of face to face lectures on Chinese classics, as well as online live streaming to remote villagers.

Over 7000 villages in Shandong have received regular lectures on Confucianism in the past two years. The interest in the Confucian philosophy has grown significantly, according to Shandong University’s Confucianism Professor Yan Binggang. He quotes that “Some old people wept in the lecture. Some young people invited their parents celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year together  after attending the class. Confucian philosophy really touched their hearts.”

This is not the first time that Confucianism has been reintroduced into Chinese education. Recently, the first Confucius classroom was introduced into Chinese prisons and a major revision into school textbooks has also incorporated a significant amount of the Confucian philosophy.

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