Confucius on Masterchef?

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It is said that Confucius held very strong views on food and eating, and that his teachings are deeply reflected in the Chinese food culture today. You could even say that Confucius was a ‘foodie’ himself.

If Confucius were alive today, could he have possibly been invited as a guest judge or mentor on ‘Masterchef Australia’, similar to the Dalai Lama a few years ago?


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‘Masterchef Australia’ is a very popular TV competition whereby contestants compete by cooking delicious and beautifully presented meals.

If contestants were to adopt some Confucian philosophy into their strategy, here is some possible valuable advice Confucius would give:

  • Food should be served in small or chopped pieces
  • The taste of any dish depends on the proper mixing of all of its ingredients and condiments
  • The fine blending of ingredients results in great taste
  • When serving multiple dishes, they must be compatible with each other
  • Do not present a dish that smells bad
  • Do not prepare food that is not well cooked
  • Cook with fresh and local ingredients
  • Correctly prepare your sauces and seasonings
  • Use moderate amounts of meat in your meals
  • Be hygienic in your food preparation






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