13th Annual East Asia Security Conference and Symposium

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Applications Open and Call for Papers
East Asia Security Centre, China Foreign Affairs University

13th Annual East Asia Security Symposium and Conference

A Multinational 4-Day Symposium: 27 June – 30 June 2016
Followed by an Invitational Conference: 1 July 2016  (more information here) at the China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing

Sponsored by the University of New Haven, Global Studies Program and Bond University, East Asia Security Centre, International Relations and Global Studies.

Hosted by: the China Foreign Affairs University, Department of Diplomacy.

This symposium offers a unique opportunity for open discussion with an array of high-level Chinese experts from the military, foreign ministry, and academic communities. Each day will include approximately five hours of seminar-style symposium, conducted in English by senior Chinese officials and scholars.


Call for Papers

13th Annual East Asia Security Symposium: Conference China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing – 1 July 2016

Concentrations of Power: Geopolitical Security and Economic Stability


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