International Symposium: Confucianism, Governance and the Emerging Economic Order

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Center for East-West Relations, Beijing Foreign Studies University

The Center for East-West Relations from Beijing Foreign Studies University invites proposals for presentations from scholars, writers and members of the business community addressing relevant issues in this area, particularly concerning:

  • Confucian business ethics
  • Anti-corruption strategies
  • ‘Win-win’ dynamics and infinite game assumptions in Chinese policies such as the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the ‘One Road One Belt’ initiative
  • Historical Confucian attitudes towards merchants and profit
  • Confucian concepts of business management
  • New Confucian law and governance models

Proposals should be brief (approx. 200 words), including a working title and content summary, and should be emailed to by September 7 2016, with full papers to be submitted by September 20 2016.

More information on writing and submitting the proposals can be found here.

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