10,000 Confucius schools to be built across China

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Statue of Confucius at the entrance of the Confucius Temple in Beijing, China
Statue of Confucius at the entrance of the Confucius Temple in Beijing, China

The building of 10,000 Confucian schools in China has begun. These will spread Confucian values and will train students to live in the ways of its master, Confucius. This is the ambitious project of the Confucius Foundation of China (CFC) as announced by its secretary-general, Wang Daqian, at the Cross-Strait Academic Forum on Confucianism on October 10.

The forum, which was held close to the 2,565th anniversary of the birth of Confucius in his home province, Shandong, outlined that although the Confucius School project started only a year ago, over 100 institutions of this kind have already been built and that the long term goal will be to build a total of 10,000 China-wide.

It is to be expected that the news will be welcomed by the Chinese government and by President Xi Jinping. Mr Xi remarked last year that Confucianism was one of the cultures that “nourished the flourishing Chinese nation.”

As Mr Wang remarked, the academic curriculum of the schools will provide students not only with theoretical concepts but will also strive to endow them with strong practical Confucian values.

This is in harmony with the teaching of Confucius:

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand,” – Confucius

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