2015 International Symposium ‘Confucianism and Modern Society’

A joint collaboration between the Bond University Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies and Beijing Foreign Studies and Beijing Foreign Studies University Centre for East-West Relations

This inaugural symposium, held over two days in May 2015, seeked to identify problems, opportunities and innovations that may benefit from the interaction of Confucian thought with contemporary life. Academic and business professionals across the globe shared their expertise and opinions on the role of Confucianism in modern society, focusing on how the tradition influences the global economy.

The symposium consisted of two keynote addresses and three panel presentations with a total of 15 presenters. Delegates took part in an interactive open discussion after each panel presentation and were invited to join as speakers at an open forum at the conclusion of the symposium.

The keynote addresses, panel presentations and open discussions are available for viewing below.

Photos from the symposium are available here.

If you have any queries, please contact Annie Lo via alo@bond.edu.au.

Keynote Address 1: Confucianism and Business

What Confucius can teach us as China goes global

Dr. Xiaohua Yang (University of San Francisco, USA)

Panel Presentation and Discussion 1 : Confucianism and Business Ethics

Confucian Entrepreneurship

Mr Alan Chan (Singapore)

Confucian Entrepreneurship

Professor Raoul Mortley AO FAHA (Bond University, Australia)

The Chinese Interpretive Context of “Democracy”

Miss Yilan Luan (Beijing Foreign Studies University, China)

Confucius’s Thoughts of “He” (和) and Its Influence on China’s Foreign Strategy: China’s Path to its “Peaceful” Rise at Systemic and Sub-systemic levels

Dr Lei Yu (Renmin University, Beijing China)

Open Discussion 1 : Confucianism and Business Ethics

Panel Presentation and Discussion 2 : Confucianism in Modern Chinese Society

Confucian Values in a Changing World Cultural Order

Dr. Chenshan Tian (Beijing Foreign Studies University, China)

Confucius and Women

Dr. Rosita Dellios (Bond University, Australia)

The Chinese Universal Values and the Future Human Civilization

Professor Yi Guo (Seoul National University, South Korea)

Confucian Methodologies for Interpreting the Buddha-Dharma in America

Rev. Heng Sure (Berkeley Buddhist Monastery)

Open Discussion 2 : Confucianism in Modern Chinese Society

Keynote Address 2: Harmony, reciprocity and engagement: Confucian approaches to modern life

Confucian Humaneness in Modern Human Rights Politics

Professor Chun Shan (China University of Political Science and Law)

Panel Presentation and Discussion 3 : Confucianism, Harmony and Humanity

Confucian Harmony: From Social Inclusion to Cosmopolitanism

Dr. James Ferguson (Bond University, Australia)

There is No One Confucianism

Dr. Xiaoming Wu (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)

Significance of Confucianism: Cultivating Oneself as Concretizing One’s Intentions

Professor Haiming Wen (Renmin University of China)


Open Discussion 3 : Confucianism, Harmony and Humanity